Pat Beard at loom.

Handwoven clothing and accessories for today’s lifestyle.

Pat Beard Handwovens



I realize this is the hardest part about ordering from a website.  Ideally, you can come to an art festival where I’m exhibiting and try on the garment. 


The Float styles (poncho and jacket) are one size that fits just about everyone.  The hug/shawl can fit any size but the wider your shoulders the more it will rise up. I do make a great hug that fits any size.


Looking at the pictures, remember that my models are approx. 5’4” and wear a size 8/10.  My jackets are sized for an “easy” fit with a relaxed shoulder and sleeve.  However, in 2007 daughter Victoria asked me to design a shorter, more fitted jacket with the same open front, shoulder pleated style.  Naturally, having spent the time redrafting the pattern, I began offering this to my customers.  This shaping is better for the smaller woman, wanting less ease in the jacket armscye (fancy sewing term for armhole), shoulder, and sleeve.  To be even more technical—this is a European cut. At this point I recommend the more fitted sizing for an XS or S.



XS—Size 6-8

S—Size 10-12

M—Size 14-16

L—Size 18-20

XL—Size 20-22


The length is measured from the back of the neck to the finished hem.  I can make the jacket/vest up to 30” long.  Usually I make the XS and S 24—28”, the larger sizes at 30”.  The fitted style starts at 24” long.  Measure a jacket that looks good on you and let me know what you want.  Also let me know how tall you are so I make the sleeves long/short enough.  Interesting enough, many women who wear the XS size actually need a longer sleeve!  Since one size never fits all—tell me if you have any special fitting considerations—need a little more at the back hip, bust, less for a narrow shoulder.  Often enough, I combine sizes for a proper fit.


If after all of these measurements and considerations I still don’t get it right—send it back!